Clean crisp fermented products

4.5% ABV

Darkes Cider, Howler

Contemporary Sparkling Medium Cider
2017, 2018 Gold Award-World Cider Awards

A crisp refreshing cider made from our 100% fresh crushed apples, including varieties such as Delicious, Royal Gala and Pink Lady.

Pouring reveals a pale straw colour with delicate carbonation. It has a lovely immediate sweetness, balanced with mouth feel tannins from the red apple skins. An addictive apple flavour lingers beyond the last mouthful.

A cider of broad appeal and great versatility.

Especially suited to drinking with tomato based dishes, fish and chicken. Screams to be paired with the spicy flavours of Thai inspired foods. For a bit of a twist try with fresh raspberry or strawberry!

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Non Alcoholic Cider

Little Blue

A totally refreshing non alcoholic cider made from 100% fresh crushed Pink Lady and Granny Smith apple.

Pouring a crip, clear colour, with delicate almost infinite bubbles. The immediate fresh sweetness hits you with a big zing. This amazing apple flavour comes from the fresh crushed Australian fruit it is made from, and you are left craving more.

You can drink this cider with any dish of your choice or just by itself on a hot day. It’s an all day, everyday drink!

For a bit of a twist try immersing a wedge of fresh lime, chopped mint, raspberry or any other chosen fresh fruit!

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from our fresh apples. Our vinegar still contains the ‘mother’. In brewing a wild lactic fermentation process was used.

The presence of the mother is an indication that the vinegar is unfiltered and not pasteurised. It is self-preserving, does not need refrigeration and will improve with age.

The development of a haze or sediment is a natural process and the vinegar can be enjoyed with confidence. It is gluten free, no added water or sugar, It is natural and Vegan friendly.

Our vinegar is now available from the AppleShack in a 500ml, 2 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre caterers pack.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Stock

We have developed a new vinegar for stock. It’s made from our cider ‘lees’ and is a wild ferment. It also is not pasteurised and still contains the ‘mother’. Available in 5 litre and 15 litre packs from the Appleshack.

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Honey Wine (Mead)

Our honey meads are delicious!

Honey mead is the oldest wine known to have been made by man.  Mead is known as an ancient drink of romance and love.

Since medieval times it was thought to enhance virility and fertility. Believed to have aphrodisiac qualities it made its way into wedding ceremonies. The word ‘honeymoon’ seems to have stemmed from an Irish tradition of newly weds drinking honey wine every day for one full moon (a month) after their wedding.

Our still honey meads can be served with salami and cheese plater. They are great with dessert or served on their own as a digestif!

Our sparkling ‘B-Sting’ mead is amazing with roast meat or fish dishes, sticky ribs or honey soy chicken!

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Our Client Story

Special day, Special moments!

We had the best day with kids ranging from 1-7yrs and highly recommend this to everyone!! The kids are still talking about it. Not only is it fun BUT the apples are the best you will ever try!!

Kylie Grigg

Lovely visit, awesome cider, great service Seems rather out of the way, but it is actually quite easy to get to by car. Google or use Waze, and you will accurately reach this area. Both their alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple ciders are delicious! I like the non-alcoholic ones. A nice chill out area, after you have visited the Madden Falls, which is just simply, across the road.

Emmanuel N

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Joanne at Glenbernie Orchard! Your hospitality was just amazing and I wanted to thank you for allowing us to use your fantastic property to capture some amazing moments for our wedding! You really took us back with your professionalism and local knowledge. Kyle & I are now lifelong customers and we look forward to coming back and visiting again, and again!

Kyle & Shantelle xxx

Our wedding was such a success and we have so much to thank you for making it that way. The photos are amazing and the day was so good! We were really lucky with the weather, it was perfectly timed.. you all did so much to help us choose a location, plan, set up, create the favours, assist our guests and so much more. We could not be happier.

Anna and Beau


Pure Farm Experience Next Event Day

Cider Sunday 80 years Farm Birthday: 3rd November 2019

10.0am – 3pm. Bring your picnic blanket or favourite folding chair, pop up shade and relax on the lawn, while sipping cider and enjoying the magical acoustic vocals of Tillee Music’s Jerry & Bob, games, competitions, food, cider and much more.

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