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August in the Orchard

August is a beautiful time of the year on the orchard, where the stone fruit trees burst into rows of white & pink blossom. 

As we are not currently harvesting fruit, now is the time to get prepared for the upcoming fruit season, or, to tackle any outstanding jobs that we can’t get to at other times of the year. 

This August we have been busy preparing the ground for planting some new stone fruit trees. These baby trees are now planted in the ground, and have had a good drink of water thanks to a storm last week. We are planting these trees with ‘Pick Your Own’ in mind, and we hope to be picking their fruit within the next couple of years. 

August is also pruning time on the orchard! Pruning is where we give the trees a haircut by cutting off excess limbs. It is important that we do this as early as possible - before the blossoms open is ideal! If we take the extra wood off early, the tree can put more energy into growing better quality, larger fruit on the limbs it has left, and doesn’t waste any energy on growing fruit that we don’t need.

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