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Locally Produced Food

We have been busy packing and delivering our apples, cider, honey and other goodies. We have free delivery with orders over $50 from Sutherland to Shellharbour!

We have preselected hampers or make your own selection of products. If it’s a gift tell us who it’s for and a message you’d like and we’ll include that in your gift hamper too!

Discovering local

If you’ve only just discovered that our family run commercial fruit farm is virtually in your backyard in Darkes Forest, we will be so excited to meet you here when lockdown eases. Buying local reduces food miles and gets access to higher quality products. We are only 11 kms drive from Helensburgh CBD!! 

Food miles is a term used to describe the total geographic distance food is transported between its cultivation, processing and delivery to the consumer. Put simply, it's way of measuring how far your food had to travel to get to your plate.

Locally produced food should be fresher, which means that it usually has more vitamins and antioxidants in a useable form. This means that they're better for you. 

If your ingredients have come a long way, they may have a heavy carbon footprint. That's especially likely if they arrived by air, due to the high climate impact of planes. Flying in food typically creates around 10 times more carbon emissions than road transport and around 50 times more than shipping!

So thanks for buying local and thanks for supporting our local farm and doing your bit to lower food miles! 

Check out our new behind the scenes farming videos on Instagram and Facebook. They are a great way to show the kids what’s happening on the farm and learning about food growing. 

Coming Soon

Stone fruit picking begins in November. We are busy planning for pick your own for both Nectarines and Peaches and the season is looking like it will be great! 

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