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Welcome to our new Website!!

What a year we have had this past 12 months! Thanks to our local Web wonders ‘Internetrix’ who have been helping us to build this fabulous new online presence.

To our sensational community we wish you all an amazing summer holiday season. We hope you are able to spend time face to face with friends and relatives in celebration. 

After such a challenging year in 2020 we believe everyone deserves to be able to sit with friends and just enjoy each other’s company! 

We have a saying at Darkes 

‘Agriculture makes life possible but ........horticulture makes it worthwhile! ‘ 

So celebrate with a cider, dress a salad with a cider vinegar, sink your teeth into a juicy peach or slurp on a nectarine smoothie! 

These are just a few ideas to enjoy your holidays with our truly local cider and fruits from ‘the Forest’, Darkes Forest!!!!! 

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