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Stonefruit Series Part 1: Bud Movement

While it may look from a distance that these trees are sleeping, there’s a lot happening beneath the surface. From the moment these peach trees finished their last crop, they’ve been preparing their buds (both flower buds and leaf buds) for their next lot of fruit. If you swipe across to the second photo, we can see what the buds look like over most of winter, before they start to ‘move’. Now, swipe to the last photo and we can see what the ‘bud movement’ stage looks like! Now is the time we can begin to see their hard work! If we look closely we can see the buds visibly becoming larger on the branch. This is because the flowers and leaves are growing inside the buds, making them grow and swell! We can’t see any blossom petals yet - however we can start to tell which buds are going to be flowers, and which will be leaves.
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