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What’s the next fruit you’ll be picking?

January is white peach time and at the end of January after Australia Day we should start Picking Apples. They will be royal gala which are a small red apple perfect for children going back to school. Hop onto our Glenbernie Orchard Facebook page or to book onto a picking session in the holidays. 

Any tips for using soft peaches and nectarines?

A great school holiday project is to blitz soft peaches or nectarines in your bullet blender. You can add a sprig of mint and then pour into ice block trays or cups. These small ice blocks can be put into other drinks to jazz them up. Use the frozen purée to make a slushy or smoothie. Pour over the top of ice cream. Once frozen, it will keep for up to 12 months so you can enjoy during winter as well.

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