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Honeymead - Spotted Gum 375ml


Spotted Gum Honey Mead 14% Alc/vol

This mead was made using a beautiful South Coast Spotted Gum Honey- Rich and powerful.

Honey mead is the oldest wine known to have been made by man. Mead is known as an ancient drink of romance and love.

Since medieval times it was thought to enhance virility and fertility. Believed to have aphrodisiac qualities it made its way into wedding ceremonies. The word honeymoon seems to have stemmed from an Irish tradition of newly weds drinking honey wine every day for one full moon (a month) after their wedding.


Serve with a salami and cheese plater. Also great with dessert , try in Affogato or served on its own as a digestif!

Glenbernie Orchard has been operating since 1939.

Recently we have developed our award-winning apple cider, apple cider vinegar and honey mead, which can be enjoyed at the Apple Shack. Farm experience tours get you a back door look at the world of orcharding - bookings are essential.

Honeymead - Spotted Gum 375ml