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Perry - Case (24 Cans)


Perry Pear cider - Now in a 375ml can! Contains 24 single cans (4 x 375ml cans)

3.5% Alc/Vol


Perry is the name given to cider made traditionally from pear juice. Our pear cider is made from freshly crushed pears. Pear trees can live productive lives for as long as 250years! The largest recorded, covered three quarters of an acre and yeilded a crop of 5-7 tons in 1790. Their large size has often led to them being planted to provide windbreaks in apple orchards! Has a lovely immediate sweetness followed by a dry finish. An anytime, anywhere drink. Serve in a beautiful glass.

Glenbernie Orchard has been operating since 1939.

Recently we have developed our award-winning apple cider, apple cider vinegar and honey mead, which can be enjoyed at the Apple Shack. Farm experience tours get you a back door look at the world of orcharding - bookings are essential.

Perry - Case (24 Cans)