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Tea Journeys

Stickichai Tea - 250g


All-natural chai tea with freshly crushed spices to be made as a chai latte or served as tea.

The freshest, all natural, easy to brew chai tea on the market. Designed for baristas or the home chai master him/herself to wow the pants of any deserving chai customer. It's "Sticki" because we've laced it with honey like any good story, but with a unique magical spice note in there to create a particularly flavourful chai. Just the way you like it!

We made this product by blending two special types of dark teas. One is a fully fermented tea that in China is known as a powerful lever against the effects of hypertension and circulatory diseases. We then mastered a special blend of eleven fresh spices, that's right - ELEVEN spices and infused through delicious Coconut Nectar.

This product works very well for single serve or for when cooking up chai for a group of friends at home.

Glenbernie Orchard has been operating since 1939.

Recently we have developed our award-winning apple cider, apple cider vinegar and honey mead, which can be enjoyed at the Apple Shack. Farm experience tours get you a back door look at the world of orcharding - bookings are essential.

Stickichai Tea - 250g