Giving back to Our Community

We have decided as a team to support:


  • Blue Datto Foundation Road Safety Programs
  • Stanwell Park Country Women’s Association (CWA)
  • Hope Church Pantry, Helensburgh
  • Rural Fire Service, Darkes Forest
  • The Cancer Council
  • Shoalhaven Wildlife Stations
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Shitbox Rally- Helcar 2021
  • We also sponsor many local schools and community projects.

Each year many requests for support flood in to us, but there is a limit to what a small family business can do.

We have selected Blue Datto, The Country Women’s Association and Hope Church as our key focus for programs that are building community skills and strengths. We love that these programs in particular give a hand up, not just a hand out. We are proud of what these organisations are doing in the community and that we can assist in the important role they play.


The Blue Datto Foundation aims to protect the lives of young Australians through innovative road safety education.


  • Blue Datto’s mission is to change the culture of young drivers by altering attitudes and behaviours.
  • Blue Datto was established by the Vassallo family following the death of 17-year-old Son, Philip Vassallo, in a crash in which both drivers were red ‘P’ platers.
  • It is delivered by undergraduate university students, trained by Blue Datto in facilitation to become peer mentors.
  • Students experience practical measures to change their behaviours to help keep themselves and their friends safe.
  • Blue Datto aims to make Keeping Safe available to every school in NSW. Blue Datto has the support of the NSW Police and NSW Fire and Rescue.
  • If you are a teacher, student, parent or community member interested in providing Keeping Safe in your school, please contact Blue Datto today.

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